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Now I am thoroughly confused about where and how Waco enters the equation. What is described, in terms of sentence length, is a non-State Jail Felony. This would mean an Ector County case enters through Middleton in Abilene.

After intake, there could be a transfer ANYWHERE in the agency.

He does not get a choice in when to 'go up for' parole. When eligible, they are interviewed and voted. AND, with a four-year sentence, by having waited so long, he screwed himself since programming options are no longer on the table. This means the first vote will likely be a Serve-All that takes him to the Discretionary Mandatory Supervision date (comes around the one year and ten month mark on a four year sentence).

I don't know where the claim comes in about a lack of beds. There is no bed shortage in TDCJ. In fact, there were enough EMPTY beds that TDCJ has actually CLOSED male facilities in the past few years and converted some bedspace to house females. He is still in Ector County because he still has pending charges. Once those are disposed of, THEN he will be considered to be ready for transfer.
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