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Originally Posted by CenTexLyn View Post
With the short period of time described, it would seem this is indeed a State Jail sentence. Anything less than two years (save for a very few exceptions that are so rare that you almost never see them) is going to be State Jail.

There are no male facilities in Waco. At one point in time, there was a transfer facility in Marlin that was used for males, but it was converted to house females several years ago. There are others in the region, but nothing that would seem to be a temporary transient facility enroute to a State Jail Facility. I could also envision a small county transferring to a Contract bed in McLennan County to await transfer to Sanchez.

It would help more to know what county the current convictions are out of and what may still be pending...

The current convictions are out of Odessa (Ector County). And what is still pending is possession. He definitely got lucky with the DA because they were trying to give him 10 years and he walked away with 4. Heís already done 1 year and he is eligible for parole now but he wanted to wait 6 months before going up for it because he wanted to show that he has done his time and learned his lesson. My sister and I were talking and she said he should try to get parole now because there arenít any beds which is why heís been in Ector for so long. I really donít know much about Texas prisons, which is why itís so confusing, but youíre probably right, he may just be going to a county jail

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