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Well we had a nice Easter. Me, hub and my sister went to see my folks and cooked dinner. Was a bit disappointed with the meat. (pressure cooked two pot roasts, and I have no idea why they came out on the dry side??????)
But it was still tasty.
Hub and I had gone to the farmers market the day before and we saw roses for 15 dollars. (for 25!!!!!!)
They were so pretty I said, lets get some for my mom!
So we did. She was blown away. Mostly pink and a apricot color, one white one, a few yellows and one dark pink one. SUPER pretty.

I ended up bringing two of my own vases that would stand up to that many flowers in them (heavy glass and tallish)
So glad we did that. Both my folks were really happy. And thats what it all about. Plus my sister and I had a good time cooking. Broke down all the chores of doing the cooking and cleaning. We left them with the forks from desert (apple pie) to clean up and all the leftovers. So now they have some for lunch AND dinner today.
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