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The asshats who passed both measures were the voters of the lovely state of Oregon, whipped into a frenzy in the late Reagan/Bush Sr years about 'tough on crime'.

Measure 11 gave minimum sentencing rules for a variety of crimes, then added "must be served day for day" - no good time, no parole. It's nearly quadrupled our prison population, and gives no incentive whatsoever to people convicted under M11.

Measure 10 said "If measure 11 passes, no one except the voters can change anything about Measure 11".

In Oregon, the voters can put ballot measures on the ballot, kind of like California. If the ballot measure passes, it amends the State Constitution.

Unfortunately, most voters don't even know this exists any more. Until they get nailed on a M11 offense. Then they do research and discover how badly they're screwed.

If my Dad had gone to trial, he would have been facing 350+ years. That's why M11 has quadrupled the inmate population. I would say it was to feed the coffers, but Oregon has steadfastly (thankfully) refused to use privatized prisons. But we've run out of space and now the legislature is trying to figure out how to find more space.

Last I looked, Measure 11 convictions had passed the 50% of inmates marker. It's going to just continue getting worse, until someone is able to get it on the ballot to remove it.

Sad thing is that first time offenders could get 50+ years due to M11, with no possibility of parole. Just kiss your life goodbye.
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