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You are training for a marathon on a treadmill, right? Can’t go for a run on home confinement.

You do realize you are going to have to get permission from your PO to leave the state, right?

Your gut is going to go through hell for the time you are jail. Access to vegan dishes is limited, and the quality of food is never very good (except in jails with capacities under 25, where they farm out dietary to local restaurants). Be prepared for this. nutty bars and honey buns are much more palatable to most people, even vegans and clean eaters, when faced with most jail food.

You are going into the women’s sentenced section of the jail. This means you will be surrounded by women who have been sentenced and are serving less than a year. Unless the population of women is so small that they combine pre-trial and sentenced women in the same area.

You are going to have to suck it up when it comes to sulfates and other things because you will be wearing jail issue, right down to your underwear. No matter what your skin condition, always keep your feet covered, hope there’s not a breakout of lice or other cooties, never share cups, cutlery, or take a bite out of anything somebody else has bitten into. It doesn’t matter if you’re there 3 days or 10 days - Hep C doesn’t discriminate.

Keep a journal, read, keep occupied. Don’t play cards. Don’t gamble. Practice good prison etiquette.

You are lucky you didn’t get a felony for fraud. Btw, this will follow you the rest of your life as crimes involving dishonesty don’t usually expire.
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