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I served nearly 8 years at FCI ASHLAND, and left in 2014. I don't see any current posts for this facility, so thought I would contribute some information. It certainly is not the worst facility, but the buildings are quite old. The plus side of that is the place has some charm in that it has more of a campus like setting as compared to newer prisons. The violence is low, the staff is from a rural setting, and it is easy to stay out of trouble if you are reasonably compliant. Information such as visiting hours, commissary, etc. is available from the Ashland website, so I won't waste time detailing that. The food served is decent, and they do a pretty good job on holiday meals. The visiting used to be pretty laid back, but kept getting more restrictive (where you can sit, visitor contact, talking with others in visiting, etc.) which all seemed over the top and unnecessary in my opinion. Only a few of the living units are air conditioned, which was rough during hot summers, but I believe that is slowly changing. The recreation, chapel facilities and education programming are pretty good. Unicor there has closed, which leaves only facilities maintenance, education and a few other areas for obtaining decent jobs, with pay that tops out at 70-100/month at best. The camp is very small with much more limited education, recreation opportunities. Overall, Ashland is a place that is easy to do time and is a relatively safe environment. It requires some patience to work up to a better job, which is probably more true now that the Unicor furniture factory is closed. Other benefits of Ashland are that you can see the outside world, with lots of surrounding trees and can even see neighborhoods from the recreation yard. It also has pretty easy access from Interstate 64. Just like any facility, there are some on staff that are unprofessional (to put it kindly), but overall it is well run with some caring staff members to be found. I hope some of this information is helpful!
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