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I created an account a, so my son can call me collect at the lower in-state rate. I have a Colorado phone number, a cell phone, but I don't live in Colorado at the moment. I'm temporarily staying in Oregon, but I kept my Colorado phone number. I do have a Colorado address at a mail forwarding service for $8.00 per month. I also have a Colorado driver's license, which I obtained while in Colorado last summer.

My son's calls to my Colorado phone number are $1.36 for the first minute and 11 cents for each minute after that, for a total of 20 minutes. Each call is $3.45 for usage and $.36 for tax for a total of $3.81.

I called Offender Connect today at 800-483-8314 to ask what the out-of-state rate would be for my son to call his dad, who lives in New Mexico. They told me that there is no way to know, until the inmate actually calls a given phone number, and THEN they can see what the charges were in their system. What a racket!!!

You can also hear the charges when the inmate calls by listening to the prompts at the beginning of the call and pressing the correct option. The inmate can also hear the charges at the same time you hear them. My son was flabbergasted when he heard how high they are!

Does anyone else have experience with Offender Connect charging these excessive rates for out-of-state calls, as referred to in the previous post?

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