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Originally Posted by smokeys1lady View Post
Sorry u haven't posted in a few days... They moved this post and I had trouble finding it!! I hope u all had a good Fourth of July... I got a 15 minute phone call from my man on Friday and I'm hoping he will b able to resume his normal life in there on Monday.. He said there was a riot and someone got hit with one if the weights... That's unfortunate for them because they might take the weights away as punishment!! SKEGirl... I hope everything works out for u and your man.., it takes a strong woman to stand my a man while he's doing time... I know how hard it is everyday! I can't even see my man cuz he's over there and I'm in southern Cali! I wish u two the best...
Thank you! It is very hard and gets lonely but he's my world and I wouldn't leave him for anything! We have two years left, without good time. Im hoping when he comes home we'll be married, if they allow it. I hope you enjoyed your holiday as well!
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