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Ok folks, what happened to the bit of enthusiasm you had in 2011? Like, we're you able to do anything, or find put where to fight for your loved ones? I was told by a local, that my sons troubles began after a very hot campaign with the incumbent, Lydia Jackson and a old politician why wanted the senate seat BACK! My son and others, we're supporting Lydia. It was one month after her defeat, that he was embroiled in this rape accusation mess!

Now, is that someone's vivid imagination, or are Louisiana politics this sick? I'm from Alabama, and new to THIS state, but I'm happy with current representatives. We've not had anyone hiding money in their freezer for a long while :-)

Where are you LA folks? There's SO much to do! I've already read WiLbur Rideaus book, and some of Sinclaires!

Spiffy heart
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