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You aren't a freak. Lots of people call their mate daddy/ mommy . Now, I do say daddy, in a joking way but names of passion are not easy for me.. I do not say "baby'' or any of that , simply because it nauseates me. Mainly, it is because he is a grown man not "my baby". He does not get off on the daddy thing,especially during sex, that makes him sick because he is not my daddy nor does he want to be. So now it is a joking thing we say and has become cute. I just can't call my husband out of his name ( unless we are fighting, then I call him many things ) If you are comfy with that , then who cares what anyone thinks. You two like it and it is not offensive to others so keep your freak flag high LOL Really, it is alright! Everyone shows affection differently and that makes us unique.

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