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Hey honey, I am truly sorry that you are going through this I know that you updated and feel like your husband is in the right doing what he is doing. Every relationship is different and will allow different things... I just pray that you do not get stringed along by this man. I say this because I know firsthand that a man in prison is a different man when he has his freedom. Not saying that they are not sincere at all and there are always those exceptions, but he needs to prove himself to you out here... Right now, he is spending a great deal of time and sleeping (what it seems like) with a woman that he was deeply in love with in the past... You know your relationship best, but I would be brokenhearted if my husband did that to me upon release. Even if I was broke, even if he was broke. I would want him to take a healthier route to become stabilized instead of using someone, even if it meant he went to a halfway house or a shelter in the meanwhile... Nobody deserves to be used, even if they were used by the person who they are now using. I wish you the very best hon. Stay strong.
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