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Default Loved and Lost

I don't even know where to start. I've been on this ride for 9 years. Stayed faithful and was his right-fighter. Even put up the grand to get him a lawyer and get his release. Nobody else seemed to want to help. Then, when the ex's found out that he was being released, they all came begging. I'm in a situation where I am disabled due to needing full knee replacements and have some social anxiety and bi-polar conditions going on. When he was released, I couldn't travel to his state and be his "home". He has been down for 34 years. Not easy transitioning when you've done that much time. But I love him like I have never loved another so I let things go. Things I probably shouldn't of let go. His ex steps up and moves to his state for him. The woman he said he couldn't stand and that left him so broken hearted. Yeah, her! She met him at the Parole office right off of the bus and took possession. I didn't hear from him after release until he was out and on the second day. He called me from a department store where they were buying a bed set. Think that didn't kill me? It killed me. He whispers into the phone, "I still love you Babe, its going to be alright!" I started bawling and haven't stopped since. You got it... that was a month and 2 days ago. He tells me he is using her to transition out and once he is on his feet he will get us a place and I can join him. He tells me he has PTSD severely. I bet he does. I only get a text once in a while, saying he loves me and misses me. Some days she goes back to her state to help her elderly parents / doctors appts. and such, on those days we can talk as much as we like, between her calls of course... I tried calling him today and he hung up on me. It broke my heart. I have never hung up on him or he I through 9 years of our relationship. Its so disrespectful. But I heard her laughing in the background. Its like he answered and then hung up real fast when he saw who was calling. I don't really need advice. I just needed to vent. Trying to pass the time and tire myself out so I can sleep. I have a horrible time sleeping these days. So he got out of prison, and I didn't. I am still waiting.
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