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Default Info on Mimico

Weekends at Mimico is easy, soft time. Everyone is chill and they bring in weed, pills, coke and tobacco, not my thing, but there was lots of it. basically you are in a range with like 60 other guys, with steel bunkbeds, and a separate room off the side with two phones and a TV with benches. There are always playing cards, and you can call in a book to bring in with you every weekend, this passes the time very well and most people don't fuck with you, because they don't want more weekends as a result of misconducts or end up in the hole. The CO's are pretty chill if you don't fuck with them or give them lip or attitude. The food is terrible, but you learn to adjust. Hey, it sucks, but you're lucky because you're in friday and out Monday, or in saturday out sunday. You can still work and keep a job and have a life.

There is one big 'but', I served my time right before the superjail was opened right next door, and I heard that things would change when everyone was moved over there, big changes, like two to a cell, and no ranges, smoke detectors in every cell and the CO in the middle of being surrounded by all the cells to better supervise, effectively rendering smoking and contraband impossible to use. But at least you can still get drunk before you go in, just don't cause shit if you do, just do your 'slap on the wrist' easy time, and keep your head down till it's over, it goes by quick.
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