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So tragic... Sorry for your loss. May God bless u & your family. My husband is on a different yard, I will see if I can get any info from him regarding this LD on C yard when he calls today.

Originally Posted by susieQ1234
I will be praying-my son is so sad right know because we just lost another loved one in our family. She was such a beautiful sweet girl and she died saving her baby. My sister lost her and her husband(the stepdad) in March of 2015. Man our family has been hit hard-now this -as sad I want to talk to my son so bad. he has a baby girl 4 years old. I did not even know this prison talk existed until all of this and it is very helpful. Thanks for all the post-they help so much-So has anyone heard anymore about yard C-Corcoran off lockdown.
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