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Originally Posted by mollysaskia View Post
Okay, so me and my "Penpal" have been talking for 6 months now. We have 7 phone calls a day on average and write to each other once a month or so.

We're very close and are comfortable enough to joke around and give each other a hard time.

Today, he talked about being mad at someone, and how much he hates him. I jokingly said "nahhh you don't you always say that but you're all talk!"

He then said something like "it won't be all talk if I go over there! you wouldn't want that" and I said something like "awww did I upset you" in a silly voice. He hung up on me.

I feel so stupid for saying that. It's just how we always joke, but this is the first time I joked about something like this... I sometimes forget where he is and why he's in there cos he seems so reformed.

Anyway, this is the first time I have made him mad and I don't know what to do. Its awful not being able to just call him and talk about it, I have to rely on him calling me first which I worry might not happen.

I've got very attached and now I'm just left feeling helpless. Aghhh!

How do you deal with problems like this?
Speaking for a man's point. When we are mad, or angry, or upset, the last thing we want is another person to make us feel patronized or mocked. Doubly worse when its someone we know and talk with a lot. Reading that makes me feel like he had a challenge to his a manhood, then add a prison setting, and that's a bad combo. I too would have made a comment if someone said that to me in a silly voice. Not an excuse, but it is what happens to us.
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