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Shortly after T started calling me, he cut the call short one time cuz I believe he got upset. I was at work when he called and I told my then boss I needed to step outside to take the call cuz he's incarcerated and I never know when he's gonna call. She replied cool okay that's fine. Personally, I didn't think anything of it so I told T what she said and he was all there's nothing cool about being in prison then told me they called him for his classes. I legit freaked out and thought I had pissed him off. He called again about 5 hours later and I apologized if I made him upset and he was all no just annoyed so I needed to cool down.

Most likely that could be what he's doing. Yes it's childish to just hang up, but given their situation it's not like he can do much else. He can't go anywhere to blow off steam, he can't exactly start screaming over the phone as it could get him in trouble. I wouldn't worry, it's still early in this whole thing for you guys. He's only got himself and his thoughts inside and that's a scary thing for anyone to deal with.
You won't see him all over Instagram, or screenshots of conversations, and I don't care if you never know his name. Just know he's there & he's mine.

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