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Originally Posted by Desertdweller11 View Post
... why shouldnt we eradicate that from existence rather than allow the gift of life.

Please allow me to zoom in on your statement in order to piggy back on it to elaborate on my differing point of view.
I can sympathize with the “an eye for an eye” attitude on an emotional level. With wanting to exterminate a person who has done something so atrocious it’s hard to comprehend. With the impulse that a perpetrator must suffer. As they made their victims and their families suffer so terribly.
Yet “that” still is a human being, and to me, a civilized society ought not to dehumanize. Not even offenders of atrocious crimes. Nor should a penal and judicial system in any way, shape or form be based on the idea that sentencing and incarceration are a form of revenge.
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