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Originally Posted by Retired-10 View Post
IceBlue - You made a point I was discussing with someone else earlier tonight. I don't have any DR penpals but I'd love to ask someone what THEY thought was the harsher sentence and I highly doubt I'd ever heard a DR inmate say they're happier being on DR instead of being given LWOP.

Yes, lifers have to live with the knowledge that they're never getting out but at least they're able to possibly work in the prison, gain an education, make friendships in the prison, etc. It FEELS like a real life, in a way. One of my 'pals best friends in prison has a life sentence. He's only in his cell from 11pm-6:30am every day. He had a job until recently and he's also taking college classes. I'd take that any day over being put to death. God, not some judge, should decide when I die...
But didnt that person and not God or a judge decide for the person they murdered.
If it is cut and dry and a senseless or cruel crime, why shouldnt we eradicate that from existence rather than allow the gift of life.
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