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At Central, they go off of a calander with cell blocks. Your LOs visitation day will change every 4 weeks. They allow you to walk to the unit 30 mins before your visit, which is either an 8am start or a noon start. You then wait outside the unit door, a guard will wave you in, you fill out the visitation form outside as well. When you get in you go thru the normal visitation procedures then they will tell you what table you are at. If you are visiting on the weekend or s holiday, show up early. I think they have 16 tables there and they fill up quick. Oh and be in dress code because they enforce it 100% there.
When you turn in to the complex you will turn right, there is a sign for visitor parking. Follow all the way to the end, you will be in the dirt but they have paved parking spots. After, you walk across the parking til you get to the sidewalk. Go thru the opening in the fence towards the prison. There will be the gate guard, the one monitoring vehicles coming in and out. If it is more then 30 mins before visitation starts, they will make you wait, if not, he will click the fate for you to go thru. Follow the sidewalk straight forward then go left. Across the street you will see a ramp to walk up, go up the ramp and straight forward there will be two wooden benches and a door. The benches are where the visitation forms are and the door right next to them is where the guard will wave you in when they are ready.
I believe baseball caps are fine, I recall someone wearing one when I visited at that complex last month.
The guards will give you an updated calander if you ask and they also have it posted in the visitation room.
Good luck and have a nice visit.

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