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Originally Posted by ChaseJames View Post
My former fiance and I were together for just about 3 years, got engaged a month before I fell and a no-contact was placed. We haven't spoken since my incarceration and now that I'm out we still haven't. I've heard through the grapevine she's so excited to meet me again as the new person I am, all faults and difficulties aside. I'm sure she feels the same that we hope to pick up where we left off one day when we are allowed to do so. There was a lot of love, experiences and hard times we worked through. It's been a while and will be longer but I look forward to the future, hopefully together. She knows the man I can be and I know the wonderful young-woman she is. I think if I do well and succeed in my own growth, she will continue to do the same and a beautiful future will blossom. Some things just don't change, and love for the most part is one of them.
Best of luck that it works out!
The wound is the place where the Light enters you.

Id like to think that women are Gods, because we resurrect men. We lift them up so high they almost start to believe they can live without us.

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