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My boyfriend and I had a rocky relationship before he got locked up. He constantly would lie and go missing for days. I also found a girls number in his phone and when I confronted him he said it was just some girl he talked to before we got back together. He told me he blocked her but I seen her number pop up over again. Anyways he wanted me to bond him out, but my intuition told me he was still talking to her. He swore I’m the only one that he’s been calling. So I messaged the other girl on FB sure enough she said they’ve been in a relationship this whole time. Every since I messaged her my boyfriend hasn’t called me. I went to go see him and he refused the visit! I am beyond hurt so we’re officially over. It was obviously he lied because he would’ve never known I reached out to her if he wasn’t talking to her like he said he wasn’t. I feel so used and hurt!
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