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Default When it's over and when to walk away

Originally Posted by Baby_Blue View Post
I am just curious as to how many of the relationships that have ended are MWI. Mine ended a little over 2 month's ago and I know of 2 more personally(not PTO related)that were MWI that did not make it.

My husband has been in jail for almost 2 years. While he finishes sentencing for remaining cases, I have had so much time to reflect on what he has done to our family. It is because of that destruction that my own health has become compromised. His requests for money for canteen and other conversations show that not only does he think about himself, he has learned zilch in 2 years of incarceration. I can't even speak to him anymore. The difficult part is that his entire family is in another country which means that it leaves me with the burdens of speaking to lawyers, telephone calls etc. While he was here to wrap up 1 of his cases I video chatted vs going to see him. It felt more comfortable and I could do it at home. Now that he has been moved to the next county I have not gone to see him. My daughter has strong feelings that I should because no one else is. I feel very caught. While she is so angry with what he has done, she still loves him. My boys don't want to talk about anything related to him. When is enough enough? I don't know the answer to that question. I feel most people on this site are sticking with their loved ones. I think everyone must do what is good for them.
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