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Him being worth it to you is the most important thing. I've been reading these stories off and on for years now, as him being in jail isn't a new concept... It's just the first time he's been sent to prison. I meant that he had 27 months, but 16 left to serve btw, lol.

I wouldn't worry too much about him asking for the hygiene products. $20 here and there isn't much at all. When I read that women are being asked to send money to other people or family members is when I worry. My husband has a $100 limit per week. So I know whether he's asking for too much by counting what he gets sent to him through his father, his God mother and myself. It sounds like maybe he just wanted some decent soap and a couple snacks, lol. I can completely understand how the horror stories can make you feel iffy about things.

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