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Here's where tough love comes in......even if he were my son I would tell you to drop him immediately. The drug (and other) issues are his not yours. I have dealt with addicts for years - many successfully rehabbed, many not. At some point you have to say "enough". Typically I do not counsel on what that "point" is but frankly physical violence (regardless of how hard) should be the last straw.

My advice - drop him and don't look back. Don't answer calls, text messages or letters. If he unexpectedly arrives at your location call the police (a restraining order would be a good thing imho). I know it will be difficult but you will endure it and you will be better off for it. Your complete departure may be the catalyst he needs to get it together. Perhaps losing you will be his "rock bottom" and his saving grace.

Go With GOD my friend.
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