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Lisa, The first ten years down were fine. Went through all the motions. Letters, Drawings, wonderful visits all the "finer" things that they are allowed. Then it started. Its almost like they have given up on themselves. The love we share just doesnt seem to be enough no matter what you say or do. Lets call it a phase they go through. So our "phase" lasted about seven years. He tried hard to deny everything and everyone around him. He even went into his own isolation. Told me once (after my return to him) Im so lazy I would just rather pay someone to sleep for me. No motivation. Each person is different but he is back out of his shell (for the moment) and I always encourage him to stay there. LWOP is a hard issue to deal with from inside and from the outside. It ultimately has to be his decision to be more positive. All we can do is keep loving them and giving them the support they need. He will come around. 18 years down now and how do you tell them to stay status quoe? Its hell on them in there and I would imagine every dream would involve being somewhere other than behind those bars. Thats hard to overcome. Stick with it girl! He loves you.
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