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Yes, absolutely. Unfortunately, some people don't know to plan ahead, and/or are arrested and don't ever get to go home again before they are sent away, but if you have the opportunity to get your affairs in order, you 100% should.

My husband has taken care of all the POA for both Property and Health Care for himself and we had to make the changes on his mother's Estate Docs as well, because it had been him and now that he's not going to be available we had to change the language so that it is me.

One note also for people who may have restitution payments, or have other debts, to consider. If you may inherit money down the line, and you owe money to anyone, you definitely don't want them to automatically have the right to grab your inheritance. You should make sure you're not the beneficiary of that money. It's a catch-22 because you don't want to lose out on it either, so if you have minor children you can make them the beneficiaries, and you the trustee, so that the money is used for expenses related to them only, or you can place other restrictions on the money, you can put the money in trust, or other places, but you should most definitely not have money left to you personally if there is any chance it is just going to get taken away. The FLU has a long reach, however, the person who is leaving the bequest, can leave it to anyone they damn well please.

Aside from the POA stuff, your will should also be updated before you go away.
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