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Originally Posted by Juniesgal View Post
I tried it. I tried to work in a prison so I could make a difference. But there was no way I could. As a NP, I was the lowest on the totem pole. I couldnt order meds needed, treatments or anything. Everything was too expensive, not necessary ( wait-- I was the one tht went to medical school, not you Mr. CO!) but in the end, if I didnt quit, I would have been residing in one of the female cells. So now Im an advocate. And the mom of an incarcerated son. And I have a piece of advice.....

If you have a LO in the system, immediately get 2 things mailed to them to sign. You want them to sign a HIPPA form, and a NON-HIPPA form- and have it mailed back to you. Dont have them date it Dont have them write who its to. Just have them sign it, send it back to you and put it in your filing cabinet. ( a word of warning, most facilities dont like this... I had to print them off myself, and I mailed 5 of them, and my son only received 2.)

You want these for a few reasons- but most important, If you ever need to advocate for them regarding their health - you need this form. And Heaven forbid, if that time comes, youll never get one of those forms signed---So do it ahead of time. I keep the forms my son signed blank.( the originals) I have made copies and filled them out myself, one for the facility and one for the bigger "DOC" dept, and I mailed them in ( certified, of course) I did it with both the HIPPA and NON-HIPPA form. I have had to use them over the years, for a letter I had to write to an outside doctor he had for records, to the social worker to get a copy of his course work completed, to the security office when he failed a UA and I knew a possible false positive could happen because of a medication he was on.. I already had the releases signed. And it has made it easier. Hopefully youll never ever need it, but it makes things easier if you do!Thats just a helpful hint from someone thats been on both sides of the system.
Dumb question, but if you're sending them the blank forms, can't we just have them sign them and leave them blank before they leave for prison so that we're ready if this is an issue? My husband is SS in December, so it seems prudent to have him sign the two forms prior to his leaving so I am ready if this becomes a problem. Or am I missing something?
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