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Let me try to be more specific.

Say you get 19-to-48 months, and you are paroled after 19 months.

1) As part of being paroled, do you have to present the parole board with a release plan? Where you're going to live, how you're going to support yourself?
2) Once the board votes for release, is it true that release isn't immediate, but could be a matter of days or weeks until your release plan is activated, if that requires time to put things in place?
3) Say you commit a violation. You are entitled to a due process hearing right, but it is before the parole board? Assume it doesn't involve a new criminal charge. Does the board send you back to prison for a fixed amount of time? Or do they revoke your parole and you have to serve the rest of your sentence until you are eligible for a new parole review?
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