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Default Probation vs Parole

I wanted to revive this thread with a slight twist. If the moderators deem it should be a new thread, that's fine.

In Nevada (where my ex will be sentenced next week) there is a standard set of probation conditions, plus the judge often imposes additional case-specific conditions. The general conditions always include a catch-all "Do whatever your probation officer says." Specific conditions might include restitution, get your GED, no contact with the victim or co-defendants.

Let's say that an offender gets a sentence of 19-48 months, suspended, probation for an indefinite period not to exceed 3 years. Now:

Let's say the person commits a minor probation violation, whatever the smallest thing is to get the particular probation officer to issue them a violation. What happens? (Please be as detailed and as comprehensive as possible.) What happens if it's the biggest violation possible?

Do the same people serve as probation and parole officers?

If you are sentenced to prison, probation is no longer possible right? When you leave prison, if you haven't maxed out your time, you're on parole?

How do parole conditions differ from probation? Does the judge in any way control parole conditions? Would a parole officer examine the circumstances and possibly impose some of the same conditions that a judge might impose for probation?

And as before, what happens if you violate parole in a little way, and in a big way?
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