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Originally Posted by gvalliant View Post
Significant medical problems caused by his mental health and addiction problems. He's done drug treatment programs which usually have some mental health treatment on the side. But not enough. I get that he has to commit and want to get sober. But when there is more than addiction going on - severe depression, hopelessness, amotivation, no one left for him, significant losses in his life (much of his own doing). All those problems are not going to get fixed in a few months at one of these programs. How to expect he will want to get better. A relapse waiting to happen.

In prison inmate can get a few of hours a week with mental health providers, then 170+ hours per week around gangs, drugs, too many apathetic guards who don't care and are sometimes part of the problem themselves. I believe they often sincerely try, but how the hell can psych people overcome the negative effects of that environment.

Just sounds like he needs much more mental health treatment than either of those provide. Can you get him in a frame of mind to want and commit to that?
That is what I conclude as well, more mental health treatment. When he is sober, he has made better decisions. Not always the best thought out, but on the right track.
I am hopeful once he detoxes from his present drug stupor, he may be seeking some guidance from me. I will take that opportunity to try to lead him to a decision for himself. He has been adamant that the past treatment did him no good, and he knows how to do everything they have to say. That of course is drug addicts speak for "I don't want to go."
There are many things in life we don't want to do, and we don't turn to drugs to numb ourselves so we don't have to face it. That is his vicious cycle.

thank you for your input.
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