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thanks for the info, I don't have any more questions at the moment, but Im sure that I will later, so when I have more questions I'll get in touch.

Originally Posted by demossangel
I worked at the Daniel unit for almost 11 years and it's a really laid back unit. They alway refered to our unit as the Nice Daniel unit. I'm always wondering what's happening there and who all is left I might know. I retired from the system 2 year ago, so it's been awhile. I lived in Snyder about 6 months, but I lived in that area all my life till I came to Amarillo. The better motels are closer into town. I stayed at the Best Western and it was pretty nice. That first one across from Rip Griffins I was told is nice, but the one after that to your right stay away from. Pretty bad I was told. There is a movie theater and I think a bowling alley if it's still there. Both of them are on College Avenue. They have a nice park as your going out of town towards Big Spings which is on the same street and Wallmarts is out there too. Some times they have some events going on at the colisium but other wise not much else to do that I can think of. Have any question I'll be glad to help if I can!
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