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Originally Posted by Lillyth980 View Post
My boyfriend is currently on parole and I have a few questions I would love answers to, please help!
We would like to transfer him from Oregon to Kansas but he has no immediate family here, and we are not married just yet. Could we get legally married here in Kansas and attempt his transfer? And if so, how long would the process be? What woukd the process be?
Secondly, if he were to attempt to abscond, what would the possible consequences be? What would it be if he absconded and registered in another state (sex offense, lvl 1)?
Third, what would the consequences be if we were to get legally married even though our relationship was denied in the beginning? It was denied indefinitely and I personally find that inhumane to keep two people who love each other apart, especially since we are both consenting adults and I am not a victim of anything.
I am really just confused, lost, and broken as to what to do and how to go about his parole. Honestly, all we want is to just be together and he won't mind what he has to do or how long he has to handle his parole for. We just simply want to be together but unfortunately, we cannot be... We love each other deeply and everything right now has been extremely exhausting and difficult. Any answers and/or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.
I dont think abscoding is a good idea.
I have a question how could they deny your relationship? Is that really possible for them to do?
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