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Thank you. It sucks when you are like family but not . She was an only child and we were like sisters growing up. I have a few friends that I consider framry (friends that are family). It is something that I take seriously. Sometimes your framry is there for you more than your family.

I think she would do well here as far as there being opportunities, and she has me, to help her build a support system, and network for her. Her other first choice is a town I. Michigan, where she has a place to stay, but doesn't really know anyone. If she ends up back in our hometown I have helped to recconect her with my best friend who knows her, and she is building a support network with our group of friends. But it is a super small town, and there aren't many opportunities even for someone without a record. Not to mention, what happened to her was big news, and they really demonized her. So I worry about the stigma.
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