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You can contact the person responsible for the blog, Minutes Before Six, and do an ask. MB6 was started by Bart Whitaker, a Texas DR inmate guilty of attempting to murder his entire family. He succeeded in murdering only his mother and little brother. His father's work on coming to terms with a son who did what he did, and the fact that he will probably watch his son die are instructive to parents dealing with a child on death row. Besides this, Whitaker is very intelligent and has worked hard to gain the education he blew off in the real world. He has a bunch of resources , and so do the people who run his blog, for educational opportunities for death row inmates via correspondence. You should note that Whitaker thinks he's smarter than most people, uses a lot of million dollar words, and tries to impress you, and show contempt or you with the books that he's read, so tread lightly, especially if you have a weakness who it comes to your intelligence or education. I don't believe the people running his blog are that way, so talking with them may be the way to go.

Fwiw, MB6 (6 pm being the standard time for execution in Texas, or so I've heard) has a ton of writers to it, some who've been executed, some who've escaped to LWOP or less, and a lot still on DR. It is a good source for seeing the world through the eyes of a lot of other people faced with the same issues. His series, Letters to a Future Death Row Inmate is pretty good - letters written by a variety of DR inmates to somebody who will just come to the row.

Anyway, he does have a number of resources for education. Some of it is for degree, some of it is for certificate.
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