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Thanks guys, I feel better now that I left work and could clean, I just could not focus at work today! I am cleaning the house I just took a break, its 10:00pm. I have been told he could get out anytime between 9am-6pm tommorow. I will get up (if I can even sleep!) at 6:00am to get ready in case he gets out at 9, I have to drive an hour to pick him up. I am less nervous. I can not even begin to tell you how much PTO means to me. No one understands and its been amazing to discover a community of people who care and understand. I have never met stronger people. I hope that things go well between me and him and he is able to readjust. I am prepared for hard times, and I hope I can continue to be strong for him. Thank you, Thank you PTO!!!!!
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