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Default PTO's Original Con-tact Newsletters & Newspapers (2003-2005)

After enjoying reading the latest edition of the PTO Quarterly, I got to thinking about PTO's original newsletter: The Con-Tact News and a short time after, the Con-Tact Newspaper that we had professionally published for a year. Sadly, the expenses and time constraints were just too much to keep the newspaper going, along side a very rapidly growing community at that time.

I've come across 3 of the Newsletter and 2 of the Newspaper. I'm going to keep hunting as I would really like to make all of these old ones available online for historical purposes. I'll come back and add them once I locate them.

Con-tact Newspaper:
CTN-Vol 1, Issue 1 - August 2004
CTN-Vol 1, Issue 4 - March/April/May 2005

Con-Tact Newsletter
CON-Tact News - January 2003
CON-Tact News - April/May 2003
CON-Tact News - June 2003

If you read any of the old newsletters, notice the stats listed in a few of them. Boy, PTO's grown since that time..
PTO Stats listed in the June 2003 Newsletter:
Registered Members: 3,862 -- Today: 453,840
Total Threads: 16,543 -- Today: 621,790 (Currently view-able), 700,003 in total
Total Posts: 165,098 -- Today: 7,453,242 (Currently view-able) 7,614,988 in total

*note* The number in bold are what is publicly visible. The total numbers are figures that have been produced by members over the years, but later trashed or deleted due to personal removal requests, spam or violations to our TOS.

Hope you enjoy the glimpse back into the early days of PTO. I'm very much looking forward to the next chapter as we roll out the upgrades..
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