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Originally Posted by esposa View Post
Same here, I have something important to tell him and I can't! It is a real bummer. I hate the system anyway, it is so poorly made, and that we have to input the gibberish is just to much. It is all about control...always would think that they could figure out how we can use real email, there are plenty of programs to filter out emails that are not permitted....
Obviously he has been sending me emails and it completely freaks him out when I don't email him back!! So, I hate it that he doesn't know that the problem is on my side and I am not just ignoring his emails!! I really hate the BOP system as a whole!! The prison system is so freakin' broken it is incredible that anyone survives it!! I just want him home and out of that zoo!!
Romans 8:1~"Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus."
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