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Just remember it doesn't matter how short a time he has left. If the PO is adamant (sp) about him adhering to the no contact, he can violate him if he contacts you even if he only 24 hours left of parole. Basically, he should try the route of getting the PO's approval. Simply state that since his parole term is 90 days away, is it possible to begin the family reunification process. Even if he doesn't allow him to move in with you, can he permit say.... weekend visits or something. Justify it by pointing out that you've been to counseling and desire to put your marriage back together by having weekend visits or something. They won't violate him for requesting approval. It's worth a try. Now I make the above statement under the assumption that this stint in prison and the counseling have helped him to overcome his acts of abuse. You're in my prayers that this is a new beginning of a happy and healthy relationship for the two of you.
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