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Originally Posted by MPsQueen View Post
no no one came and got his stuff.. its been a very confusing and stressful few weeks.. hes called me and we discussed a lot.. I actually ended up being a real asshole and did something stupid because I was hurt and now he needs my help to fix it. I am picking him up tomorrow and we will spend the 4 hour drive talking.. I told him he owed me an apology to my face not just over the phone and he agreed to do it. tomorrow is going to be very bittersweet yet stressful. I had been looking forward to this day for so long and now.. its got this dark cloud hanging over it. we aren't officially back together but we aren't not discussing the potentiality of getting back together at some point.. I told him he has a lot to prove to me and show me before I could just trust him or love him like I did.. we have a ways to go before I can even truly consider anything. i am very very very guarded still and have a very hard time believing anything he says. so who knows where this will end up.. i just know.. i refuse to be hurt any longer.. i told him from this point forward.. its one day at a time.. and one time i catch him in any lie.. even the smallest one.. im no longer giving any effort.. and he said he understood.. so say a small prayer for me that tomorrow goes atleast ok. my nerves are shot and i have cried on and off all morning from everything.. im nervous.. scared.. anxious.. excited. everything.. but its all topped off by fear...
NOOOOO! Nooooooooo!
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