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Default 2 for 1 in Harris county?

I'm asking here because I can't seem to find answers anywhere I search online.

My husband has been out on parole 1/2 of his time now and just signed for a misdemeanor. His parole officer came by today and told him since he's been in 10 months that he has another 2 months to serve. My husband told him that it's 2 for 1 in Harris county and that means he's more than done his year. My husband has requested a parole hearing and asked his parole officer (who is new, and he hadn't ever actually seen him before this visit) how he was going to vote. His PO said he would vote revoke if he still had another 2 months to serve because he doesn't know about the 2 for 1. So, apparently (as I understand it) if they ARE giving 2 for 1, he won't vote to revoke. I have put a call in to his attorney to ask if she knows, but no call back and since the case is over, I'm sure she has no requirement to work for him any longer.

So how do I find out, or does anyone know, are they giving 2 for 1 in Harris County right now? Thanks.
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