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Originally Posted by nygirl17 View Post
Absolutely not!!!! We met through a friend who spoke about him for years. I would listen to her stories and wish I could meet him. He lives some hours away and was with someone so it was what it was. But one day he just happened to come up to visit and him and his gf were not together. The very moment I seen him OMG. I knew I would have him. He tried for about a week and I gave in and the rest is history. I wasn't letting him go EVER!!! Within three days he told me he loved me and that he's never felt this kind of connection before. And that his soul seen it's reflection in mine and knew we were meant to be. He's the love of my life and my best friend. Yes our current situation is pretty hard and has been a struggle for both of us but it's made our already strong relationship stronger. I love him and always will. No-one will ever take his place in my heart.
I read all the posts on here and love reading everyone's stories, but this one comes the closest to mine and it kinda gave me the baby and I knew each other years prior to him going in. He worked with my ex husband for a couple of years and they were best friends...he was married too...but same thing happened here...I would listen to all the stories my ex would tell me about them and the other guys at work...he even had a video on his phone of them all messing around...and as weird as this may sound, I would grab his phone while he was asleep and watch that video clip over and over just to see my baby's face....when you see the face and aura of your soul companion, no force on earth can keep you apart after that....he even says now "I knew it was you the moment I met you..." and we didn't get to spend any real time together at all (we were both married), but after he went away, we started writing letters to each other. We wrote each other letters every week for a year and talked 1-2x per week on the phone. It was always friendly....sweet, of course...but we never went beyond friends....until one day we just told each other how we really feel about each Oh man, we talk everyday. He treated me so wonderfully all this time as friends...but now he treats me like an absolute Goddess...we are so in love and we go crazy thinking and talking about what it's going to be like when he finally leaves that place...only 7 months to go...but what's great is that we started by forming a really deep bond, and we've really taken the time to get to know each other....I wouldn't have it any other matters to me that he's doing time, but I trust in the man that he is and I know that he will come home much more humble than he ever was before and will start rebuilding his life......anyways, sorry I got a little carried away sharing a piece of my story, but reading yours inspired me because that's just how love is sometimes
"He's more of myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same." ~~Emily Bronte
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