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Originally Posted by MizzyMuffling View Post
Truthfully... sometimes.
It's not the "coming home to" part, it's the unknown. I'm crazy about him and I only want the best for him - but also for me. He'll go through the motions as they come available to him and I'm sure he'll be out sooner than later (with regards to his sentence) but I'm done screwing around with my life, I want peace and quiet and something fundamental in my life. I just wonder sometimes if he'll be able to give me that with all the stuff that will happen to him (good things).
So... as much as I want him in my life... sometimes I wish it'd be different...
I absolutely love my significant other. However, I would love to come home after work to someone. My LO and I talk about this because it is natural to want your partner with you at night, during the days to simply have lunch together, etc.
I believe you can't help who you love. Yes, I love him and Yes, I wish I didn't have to think about lockup and have stability. But this is what I have chosen and for me it works, the unknown is a major piece of having a LO incarcerated. It is not ideal but remember we make our own choices. (Easier said than done, I know) Your feelings are natural, don't let it consume you.
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