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Wolv49, I am sorry you misunderstood my information. I am not advocating snitching to authorities about every little thing-- I am simply giving ACCURATE INFORMATION that can be used if an inmate finds themselve in an intolerable or bad situation. In this case several so's were helpless in a A BAD situation gang members created and by going directly to the asst superintendent by someone on the outside (me) and relating the problem it was found to be true and dealt with immediately and effectively. The unit dynamics improved for everyone and NO one, not even the guards, knew how the problem was 'discovered.' Wolv49, your experiences arent the only experiences in the prison system and there are others who would benefit from my information. Your advice is good as far as it goes but it doesnt address how to deal with a dangerous or bad situation an inmate may find themeselves in through no fault of their own!!!!!!
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