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Sorry for not posting for a while, I'm in the midst of my final 3 or 4 units (2 this 13 week period, 1 or 2 the next, I cannot recall) before I graduate for my first of three degrees.

Although I got out of prison April 2009 (from OSP) I have to say that mommalee's advice is not sound. There are far, far too many ways that inmates find out about things like that. It may not have happened in that one instance but there are enough gang affiliated members who have "buddied" up with officers that trying to go above them ultimately ends at the same position.

One of the most significant lessons that I learned in my three weeks as a cellie to an STG (early on in my sentence) was that often the biggest snitches (and they wouldn't consider themselves that though that's often technically what they were doing) were the STGs themselves -- they have their hands and their ears in everything.

My advice to everyone not an STG including "good fellas" and sex offenders is the same -- keep your eyes open on your own shit and ignore as much of everything else as you possibly can. The more you involve yourself with other people's garbage the more you can be accused of doing something wrong. It's NOT only the sex offenders who get extorted - they're only the easiest targets.
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