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The poor quality of Medical Care our Inmates receive has long been a major concern of mine. As a practioneer of the Ancient Art of Medicine, I was suspect and had heard many horror stories of the BOP's inadequate care long before my wife ever became a guest of the FBOP. As a medical provider, I found some of the stories to be almost beyond belief. In my mind, I could not imagine any one getting into medicine whom did not have a compassionate heart.

What I have learned since my wife's incarceration has literally set me back on my heels. It was therefore with this thought in mind that we decided to secretely document several medical cases (including her own care) at my wife's facility. I have had several of the other inmates share their experiences with my wife and have (behind the scenes) coached family members with their inquires into treatment rendered.

What my wife and I have witnessed during this endeavor is not only shocking... it is down right neglectful. I do not know where this will end, but as soon as my wife is out of harms way... we intend to bring all we have learned to the fore front.

Our loved ones may have been outside the boundaries of the law, but I sincerly believe they deserve far better treatment than they are currently receiving. I am also not on a witch hunt... I truely want to see the overall quality of care rendered stepped up a notch.

In fairness I have seen some good things come from some good folks in the system, but unfortunately this is the exception and not the rule.
For those of you in favor of Socialized Medicine, as some of our more liberal politicians seem to be... I would simple ask that you look at BOP's current system and ask yourself... is this what I want.

I will try and keep everyone abreast of where this goes and would simply ask that you wish me luck and keep us in your prayers.

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