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Originally Posted by ioilover View Post
Hi, Thank you for such an extensive reply!

Would I be eligible for drug court? Do you think it is a better option for me instead of the ISP program? Can I apply for both drug court and isp at the same time?

Also, it might be a stretch but is there a possibility for me to get early release?
I spent a month before getting bailed out. What does my maximum date look like from my 5 year flat sentence?

Thank you again. Your response was such a big help!
No problem, I'm happy to help. It's a rough situation, I know.

As far as drug court goes, I don't know about that. My situation didn't involve drugs so I'm not really knowledgeable about drug court. It may be something for you to research before you get sentenced. I DO believe, however, that you must apply for drug court before you go to prison. I think you need to apply for drug court through the county you got pinched in and the courts have to accept you into it. I've heard it's not easy though, (to complete) so make sure you follow the rules to a T if you get in.

Early release? No such thing in NJ. The soonest you will be able to be released from prison on a 5 flat is roughly 17-18 months. That will be your first parole date. Each prison is different with how they grant parole, so make sure you are on your best behavior at all times, participate in every program available to you at the prison you are assigned, go to religious services and make sure you get no charges when you are in prison (known as white sheets and blue sheets - they are disciplinary charges that you can written against you while you are locked up and are staggeringly easy to get if you have the wrong CO. I kept my head down my entire time there and managed to get 2 white sheets and 2 blue sheets. I had to go to something referred to as "Courtline" while I was locked up to fight the blue sheets and eventually got them dismissed. If the Parole board sees charges in your file, you are almost certain not to get out at your parole date, so avoid them!).

Your max date depends on a few variables, such as how much time served you already have, your commutation credits (also known as "good time"), your custody status (you will be either full minimum, gang minimum (which has nothing to do with gangs), medium or max, and work credits. Since you have no criminal history and a drug crime, I can almost assure you that will be given full minimum status right off the rip which allows for the maximum amount of good time given. As far as work credits go, you will be given a chance to work a 5 day a week job or a 7 day a week job when you get to your home prison. If you want to get out at the earliest possible time and have the lowest max date possible, I HIGHLY recommend taking a 7 day a week job. If you are at full minimum (like I was) and worked a 7 day a week job (like I did my entire time), your max date will be computed as:


-444 days good time (standard on a 5 year sentence, roughly 15 months)
-7 months custody credit/work credit
-1 month time served already

I served 2 days altogether so my max was 38 months.

Anyway, if you have anything else, please let me know. I'm happy to help.
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