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Originally Posted by Teesgirl95 View Post
Hi, I donít have much advice to give about CRAF figuring my boyfriend got sent out in like 4 days but we are currently going through the isp process so I do have a lot of information on that. Okay so get to craf and get the application for isp and send it out as soon as you get there. (T didnít apply until a few weeks after he got down state..) submit the application and have your people on the outside call down and check up on it. You donít want your application to get lost somewhere under papers on a desk. Weíve called once a week since T put his application in. Just ask if thereís any news on it. They are normally always very friendly and helpful with giving information.
After they get your application and look it over youíll have someone coming to interview you. They just ask you a bunch of questions get a feel for your situation and who you are and if the program is an option for you. If all goes well, someone will come to your house or whichever residence you will stay at, and check out the house and meet with the people you will be living with. They donít like dogs. For us it was the same person that came to interview him. The guy who gave T his first interview came to the house in less than a week from the time he saw him. Then itís a waiting game from there to see the screening board. Have your people call once in a while to check in with them but donít expect a date. It was about a month and a half until the screening board came to see him. Mind you itís around the holidays so it could be faster for you. Screening board came and he thinks everything went okay itís so hard to tell at this part Iíve heard they assess the inmates sincerity and motivation for the program. Itís a hard program from what Iíve read, and only you know yourself and if you can conplete it. We are now waiting for his letter telling us his court date. Well if heís accepted heíll get the court date but if not they send a letter telling you that you were denied. Iíve called probably once a week and they said that he will probably receive his court date a couple of weeks before. He is probably going to court beginning of February. If you have any questions feel free to ask. The toughest part is the not knowing and waiting for answers and dates. My boyfriend always says if I just had a date to count down to I would be so happy. Unfortunately it doesnít seem like you really get a date on anything, just an approximation. I feel like our process took a little longer because itís sround the holidays. With thanksgiving and Christmas I feel like things are slower. Iíll let you know when I find more out.
Hi, thank you for all the great info. I will have more questions in the future and my wife can continue to ask them on this thread. Your help would be HUGE! Appreciate it

Thank you.
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