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Default Drug Court

Originally Posted by georgelpz View Post
Hey man,

I've been asked about CRAF many, many times by different people so instead of re-writing the entire thing, I'm copying and pasting a post from this past July about my experience there...I will also answer your other questions at the end as well.

I did my entire sentence housed at CRAF (I had a 5 with a 2 - they keep a very small work unit there to run the facility), so I'll try and help you as much as I can.

It's better if I don't sugar coat the conditions at CRAF for you - it's pretty terrible. It is a very old facility (built in 1901 and not really updated at all). Neither county jail or prison is really dangerous at all (unless you look for trouble), but I didn't find CRAF to be dangerous - just really really boring. CRAF for me was a total culture shock. It is unlike anywhere I had ever seen. Also a first time offender, I was completely blown away by what I saw when I got there. Just really old, really dirty and really primitive. While you are intake (which is usually no more than 2-3 days), you are in your cell with your bunkie for 24 hours a day. Nothing is permitted in these cells (with the exception of your net bag with the clothes and linens they give you when you first get there). You eat all of your meals in the cell. You are permitted to take a bible or other holy book with you from county, but that too may get taken, depending on the officer that is escorting you (although it's against the law). After being in intake, you will be transferred to another section of CRAF while you are waiting to be classified to a prison. While you are on that tier, you are locked down in your cell with your bunkie 23 hours a day and you are allowed out for 1 hour to shower, make phone calls or just relax. Every third day, you will have yard for an hour as well. You will also be called constantly to go to different parts of the facility for intake procedures (medical clinic, social workers, education dept, etc...) so that will allow you some other time out of his cell. If you are there long enough, he can order commissary but it's only for cosmetics and you with have a money limit that you can spend on them (I believe it was $25 but don't quote me on that). As a permanent inmate there, I was allowed to order the standard commissary but even that was ridiculously small. Wherever you go will be better than CRAF!

Since you are a first time offender, judging by your charge and the length of your sentence, odds are in your favor that you will get sent to Jones Farm which is a satellite farm of CRAF. It's only 2 miles down the road from CRAF. Don't take my word for it - I don't know what else you have on your jacket that may prevent you from being full minimum - but if just the intent charge, you're probably going to get sent there. As far as getting drug tested, you will go through a full battery of tests when you first get to CRAF so any drugs that you are on will pop up in your system, but no, this will not have any effect on your admissibility to ISP. I didn't apply for ISP because I had a mandatory minimum of 2 years and you cannot go on ISP until you complete your mandatory minimum, and I maxed out 14 months after the expiration of my stip so it would have been silly for me to go on it. You, on the other hand, may benefit from ISP. Considering you got a 5 flat, your first parole eligibility (based on no jail credits and max work/custody credits given) will be in roughly 17 months...with ISP, you must apply for it first through the ISP case worker at CRAF (or whatever facility they send you to) - my advice is to drop for ISP ASAP. This way, they can get you in the system and get the ball rolling. One thing you will learn is that EVERYTHING takes 10x as long as it should in the DOC. Be patient. With your crime, you will be eligible for ISP. They will meet with you to discuss the program. If they think you would be good for it, they will refer you to a 2 person panel, where they will discuss ISP even further with you there. If they think you'll be good, they will tell you right then and there that they are going to be referring you to a judge, who will them make a decision whether to grant you ISP or not. For you, you will probably have to do a MINIMUM of 5 months in prison before they will consider you for the ISP program. The general rule of thumb is they want you to do a month for every year that you were sentenced before they will consider letting you out. I've never seen it go less with other people before but it could go longer. ISP is never guaranteed, even if you make it all the way to the re-sentencing judge. ISP is also no walk in the park! I was on parole for 14 months after I was locked up and that was a piece of cake. ISP is completely different. You will have extremely strict curfews and rules that will have to follow to the T or they will violate you! Please be prepared to follow EACH AND EVERY condition they give you and do not deviate or they WILL throw your ass back in prison! The minimum amount of time you can do on ISP is 16 months, and they could give you longer than that. Anyway, that's pretty much how ISP works. ALSO - a piece of advice for prison...whatever you do, keep your head down, your ears open and your mouth shut. It's always best to take in as much as possible before saying or doing anything. I had no problems in prison because I kept to myself and didn't try to make "friends". Prison is easy as long as you want it to be!

I know it's a hard time for you right now but it will get better!! You have to trust me with this.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

Hi, Thank you for such an extensive reply!

Would I be eligible for drug court? Do you think it is a better option for me instead of the ISP program? Can I apply for both drug court and isp at the same time?

Also, it might be a stretch but is there a possibility for me to get early release?
I spent a month before getting bailed out. What does my maximum date look like from my 5 year flat sentence?

Thank you again. Your response was such a big help!

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