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I hear yall on the mail issues.... I sent him a letter since last Monday 1/5/09 and he still hasn't gotten it! It had some pics of his son and me and my girls.... ughhh! It can be so aggravating!! I hope he gets it soon! It's weird though cause he got my other letters i sent after that, but not that one.... hmmmm We usually write each other long letters too... 6-12 pages front and back. We basically ask away any curiosity questions and answer each others questions... Oh yea! I also keep him up to date on my day to day activities so that he feels that he's part of my life... It's the least we can do being out here. Right?
It has been a rough ride... but in the end, we have survived! The Lord has never failed us.

Missing our baby Kaylee... You will never be forgotten baby girl! :-) RIP Baby 1-20-11
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