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Originally Posted by mshappygirl View Post
My honey and I write each other every single day, we mail the letters 3-4 times a week. We write no less than 8-10 pages, typed, single spaced, margins as big as we can get them, and double sided. So we say A LOT in our letters. Well, I get a letter yesterday, he wants to know it is wrong and why I Didnt write him for 3 days, I'm like WHAT! until I figure out he didnt get a 18 page letter from me! (my son was in Mexico that week so I had extra time) So he asks me in a nice way if I "WENT OUT" that weekend and thats why I didnt write. ahhhh I hate that! in 2 years this is only the 3rd time its happened, I dont know if the letter was lost or if it just got held up in the mail room. I already told him I am not going out anymore (I went out ONCE like a year ago I know we have had our fair share of bumps, but I hate when this happens.

NO matter how much I love him and re-assure him he is still a little afraid that I wont be able to wait until he comes home. It's been a year since we have seen each other or heard each others voices (He's in TX, no calls) but I will be going to see him the end of March.

Does this ever happen to you ladies? I sent out a duplicate copy of that letter today jsut in case so I know he's going to be like "I should have known my baby girl would come through!)
similar things have happened to me and marc. one time recently gtl blocked the phone cause there was no money in the account. i got a letter talking about how he knows i'm breaking up with him and to stop being so childish and he thought we weren't breaking up anymore, etc. needless to say i was not a happy camper when i got that letter but he did apologize profusely when i was able to explain what happened. he did feel really bad for jumping to conclusions. i think the greatest fear these guys have is losing us so it's easy sometimes for them to assume the worst.
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